2000 - STARTUP In the contest of international cooperation agreements, Fiat Research Center (CRF) starts the development of a Diesel engine for aviation on specific request by an important aircraft manufacturer
2001-2002Feasibility study and experimental assessment at dyno on the first prototype of the 1.9 JTD – 8V engine, in aeronautical configuration.

Starting of the cooperation with the Engineering Dept. of Bologna University and with the Institute of Aerospace Science, both located in Forlì.

Cooperation Agreement for the development, industrialization and production of the TDA CR 1.9-8V engine for aviation application.
2003-2004DieselJet is founded in Forlì to support all the activities in aviation engines.

Functional, durability and qualification tests on the TDA CR 1.9 8V engine successfully executed.

More than 6000 hr testing at dyno and propeller rig accumulated.
2005First flight on January 17th by an aircraft powered with a TDA CR 1.9 8V engine

Further several flights successfully carried out (two of them in US), progressively increasing the altitude up to 20.000 ft.

The aircraft was exposed at LE BOURGET aviation expo
2006Completion of the engine technical definition of the industrial stage with fully redundant electronic control DUAL FADEC

Start of certification DOA/POA/TC in accordance with EASA regulation
2007Two units of TDA CR 1.9 8V engine supplied to AleniaAeronautica

First flight on the demonstrator SKY-Y on June 20th

During a second flight campaign in September , an eight hours continuous flight carried out, establishing a new world record

The engine was presented at the Paris Air Show
2008-2010EASA approval process successfully completed for the DieselJet DOA.

License Agreement signed by DieseJet with Lycoming.

EASA Type Certification successfully completed for TDA CR 1.9 8V (TC EASA.E.079)

First 15 prototypes of engine TDA CR 2.0 16V supplied to Lycoming
2012First flight of the new engine TDA CR 2.0 16V on an aircraft of an important foreign manufacturer.

Starting of Type Certification Process of the new TDA CR 2.0 16V engine.
2013Supply of two prototypes of TDA CR 2.0 16V for a new european program.

Industrialization and start of production of new Gasoline engine for Light Sport Aircraft.
2014 - 2016 Completion of the special application of the TDA CR 2.0 16V on the US UAV

Development of the new gasoline engine GA 1.4 8V for LSA, 80 kW

ENAC approval process successfully completed for the DieselJet POA

EASA.E.079 certification of the new model: TDA CR 2.0 16V, 160 kW